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Choose from over 3,000 lawyers
across 100+ cities in India

From Verified Lawyers

Get Legal Advice

Welcome To Advoker

Choose Advoker
Every Day
For Legal Help

Thousand of People

Welcome To Advoker

provide online platform
to find lawyers faster
in any city in india

Advoker Mission Is To

Welcome To Advoker


Lawyers in the Palm of Your Hand!

Get in touch with the right lawyer for your matter – take an advice, hire a lawyer, get your documents checked or many more.

100% Confidentiality
Verified Lawyers
Contact Immediately

Helping you to search legal solutions to your problem


Advoker service matches you with verified lawyers near you. Present Your Case to Local Lawyers in Minutes. 

Who we are

The initiative of Advoker is to make legal support available online, cost-effective, and easily accessible. Our aim is to connect you with the right lawyer, ensuring a quality service provided by the highly experienced lawyers from 100+ cities of India.

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Best Pricing


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Find a Lawyer by Issue

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Join us to Get listed

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Family Law Lawyers
Personal Injury Lawyers
Employment Lawyers
Real Estate Lawyers
Criminal Defense Lawyers
Bankruptcy Lawyers
Immigration Lawyers
Government Lawyers
Liability Lawyers
Business Law Lawyers
Estate Lawyers
Intellectual Property Lawyers
Financial Lawyers
Wills Probate Lawyers
Divorce Lawyers
Adoption Lawyers
Auto Lawyers
Bicycle Accident Lawyers
Birth Injury Attorneys
Car Accident Lawyers

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Child Custody Lawyers
Child Support Lawyers
Child Visitation Lawyers
Children Lawyers
Civil Lawyers
Civil Rights Lawyers
Class Action Lawyers
Collection Attorneys
Commercial Lawyers
Consumer Lawyers
Contract Lawyers
Copyright Lawyers
Corporate Attorneys
Credit Lawyers
Discrimination Lawyers
Dog Bite Attorneys
Drug Lawyers
DUI/DWI Lawyers
Elder Law Attorneys
Employee Rights Attorneys

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Entertainment Lawyers
Expungement Lawyers
Fathers Rights Lawyers
Foreclosure Lawyers
Fraud Lawyers
Guardianship Attorneys
Harassment Lawyers
Healthcare Lawyers
Identity Theft Lawyers
Inheritance Lawyers
Insurance Lawyers
Juvenile Lawyers
Labor Lawyers
Landlord Tenant Lawyers
Litigation Lawyers
Living Trust Attorneys
Mortgage Lawyers
Motorcycle Accident Lawyers
Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers
Securities Lawyers

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Sexual Harassment Lawyers
Slip And Fall Lawyers
Small Business Lawyers
Social Security Lawyers
Property Lawyers
Tax Attorneys
Tort Lawyers
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Traffic Violation Lawyers
Truck Accident Lawyers
Trust Lawyers
US Patent Lawyers
Will Lawyers
Workplace Lawyers
Workers Comp Lawyers
Workplace Injury Lawyers
Wrongful Death Lawyers
Wrongful Termination Lawyers

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