Section 54 of the Act talks about the responsibilities of the seller of a property:
– To disclose to the buyer any material defect in the property.
– To provide to the buyer on his request for examination, all documents of title relating to the property.
– To answer to the best of his information, all relevant questions put to him by the buyer with respect to the property or the title.
– To execute a proper conveyance of the property, when the buyer tenders it to him for execution at a proper time and place, on payment or tender of the amount due in respect of the price.
– To take as much care of the property and all documents, which are in his possession, as an owner of ordinary prudence would take of such property, between the date of the contract of sale and the delivery of the property.
– To give the buyer possession of the property.
– To pay all public charges and rent accrued with respect to the property, up to the date of the sale.
– To discharge all encumbrances on the property then existing.