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What are the sources of constitution?

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Indian constitution has been made by picking up the best provisions from various laws of the world which are referred to as the sources of constitution. Few examples are USA, UK, USSR, Europe, Germany etc.

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How will I get clients from Advoker?

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The clients coming on Advoker shall choose the lawyer themselves, according to their requirements. Therefore, we insist that lawyers clearly specify their area of practice, experience, and skills to get connected to a maximum number of clients.

How Do lawyers sign up for Advoker?

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advoker.com > Lawyer's Registration > Fill in the required details carefully. The internal team shall go through your application and get back to you within 10 working days if there is any doubt or query, otherwise, your profiles shall be approved to be visible on the website.

What is Advoker?

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Advoker started its journey in 2019, with a compact team of lawyers, and now it is taking the next step towards growth, launching a legal service aggregator platform, where clients and lawyers can connect seamlessly and avail the legal consultation and services without any hindrance of location, time, and language. Advoker is associated with lawyers [...]


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