On the Occasion of 75th Independence Day. Advoker is offering special discounts on all services.


Legal Advice


Offer on the auspicious event of 75th Independence day, get a legal advice at only Rs. 75.
This is valid for 75 days from 15th August 2022 (the last date of availing this offer is 28th October 2022)

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Talk to Lawyer

Couldn’t find it on the web? Don’t Worry, we got a quick fix!

Advoker is here to offer you with the best credible legal way out. A Web of the finest legal professionals placed across the whole nation is here to help you out, with the most cost and time effective manner Our team is here to lead you with any kind of consultancy or legal help that you want.

The solution awaits you with just 3 simple steps:

  1. Take a look over the packs we offer, shop the one that best suits your need.
  2. An ADVOKER representative will contact you and assign you with the best possible legal professional to assist you out.
  3. Bravo, Problem solved!


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